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Worldwar North korea - usa

North Korea is threatening nuclear attack "in the heart of the United States"

If Washington tries to shut down the regime in North Korea, Pyongyang will carry out a nuclear attack “in the heart of the United States”. This is what the South Korean press office Yonhap reports, based on a message from the official North Korean press agency KCNA. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has received signals that indicate the preparation of a new nuclear test. That states an anonymous American Defense Officer.

“If the US would insist on giving only the smallest sign to remove our supreme leader, then we will hit them with a merciless battle with our powerful nuclear hammer, conscience and tempered over time,” said a spokesman Of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to the KCNA message. This threat would come after statements by CIA director Mike Pompeo. In a debate last week he would have studied a regime change in Pyongyang. With these statements, Pompeo, according to the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “has gone over the line, and it has now become apparent that the ultimate goal of Trump's government is another regime.” For more than a year, the tension on Korean Peninsula: Pyongyang has already tested two nuclear bombs and various missiles. On July 4th, the country tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. According to analysts, this launch brought North Korea another step closer to the possibility of firing a rocket that could hit Alaska's American state. The new test prepared by the Pentagon would probably take place on July 27th on the 64th anniversary of the ceasefire of the Korean war. That day is celebrated in the country as a Day of Victory. Yonhap also reported yesterday that North Korea is preparing for it.